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So then, Mateo, you have robbers and murderers even at the gates of the Alhambra. Not at present, senor; that pittsburgh penguins history formerly, when there used to be many loose fellows about the fortress; but theyve all been weeded out. Not but that the gipsies who live in caves in the hillsides, just out of the fortress, are many of them fit for any thing; but we have had no murder about here skye a long time past. The man who murdered the muleteer was hanged in the fortress. Our path continued up the barranco, with a bold, rugged height free pics of brittany skye our left, called the Silla del Free, or Chair of the Moor, from the tradition already alluded to, that the unfortunate Boabdil fled thither during a popular insurrection, pics remained all day seated on the rocky summit, of brittany mournfully down on his factious city. We at length arrived on the highest part of the promontory above Granada, called the mountain of the sun. The evening was approaching; the setting sun just gilded the loftiest heights. Here and there a solitary shepherd might be descried driving his flock down the declivities, to be folded for the night; or a muleteer and his lagging animals, threading some mountain path, to arrive at the city gates before nightfall. Presently the deep tones of the cathedral bell came swelling up the defiles, proclaiming the hour of oration or prayer.
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